Jan Lundgren pianist

Articles & Reviews:


Jazz Journal (UK), february 2014

Jazz Journal (UK), february 2014

Wolfsburg (Germany), february 2014

Choc de Classica (France), may 2014

Rhein-Main Magazin (Deutschland), june 2014

Jazz News (France), june 2014

Audio (Germany), june 2014



Jazz News (France), march 2013

SoJazz (France), march 2013

Meetings International (Sweden), april 2013

Jazz'n'More (Switzerland), april 2013 

Stern (Germany), june 2013

Stereoplay (Germany), june 2013

PianoNews (Germany), july/aug. 2013

Jazz Journal (UK), december 2013



Wall Street Journal (USA), january 2012 



Musica Jazz (Italy), july 2010

Sortir (CH), july 2010



Jazzthing (Germany), april 2009

Jazz'N'More (CH), march/april 2009



Le Matin (CH), 19.2.08

Emagazine (Credit Suisse), march 2008

Diari de Terrassa (Spain), 5.3.08

Giornale di Vicenza (Italy), 8.3.08

Tribune de Genève (CH), 13.3.08

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (CH), 14.3.08



Orkester Journalen (Sweden), dec 2007



Quotes on Jan Lundgren:

"…Jan Lundgren fait partie de ces rares artistes capables de plonger le spectateur dans leur univers, en immersion complète…"
(Le Courrier de l'Ouest, 2015)

« … Jan Lundgren is definitely himself … «
(Peter H. Larsen, Danish Broadcasting Corp, Denmark)

« … Jan Lundgren goes to the source of music … »
(Lou Levy, pianist)

" … He has that indefinable quality which sets the outstanding apart from the very good."
(Pat Hawes, Jazz Journal)

Quotes on "Mare Nostrum:

" ... le plus beau disque de jazz que 2007 nous ait donné ... Mare Nostrum, miroir de beauté déjà gravé dans notre mémoire ..."
(Luca Sabbatini, Sonotone, CH)

" ... this has about it that 'sound of surprise' Whitney Balliett thought of as the essence of jazz ... "
(Glyn Pursglove, Musicweb-international.com)

" ... accordion player Richard Galliano, pianist Jan Lundgren and trumpet player Paolo Fresu create wonders ..."
(15th International Istanbul Jazz Festival 2008, Turkey)

" ... There is an almost delightful sense of trust and ease among the three performers ... Let's hope these musicians
meet again to record more music ... Mare Nostrum is a precious gem ... "

(Christian Genzel, allmusic.com)

" ... Mare Nostrum has three virtuosi creating a soundscape of contemporary European jazz, which
promises to sound fantastic on stage ... "

(Tim Cumming, The Independent / UK)

"  ... simply beautiful ... "
(Sonic / Germany)
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