Sheet Music

Jan Lundgren Collection

20 original compositions for C instruments including Mare Nostrum, Blue Silence and The Poet

Published 2021 by Bosworth edition, ISBN 9783954562596

Jan Lundgren, born in 1966 in southern Sweden, is part of an impressive, long tradition of Swedish star pianists and is considered a pioneer of the emancipation of European jazz from American jazz. Lundgren as well as Bobo Stenson or Esbjörn Svensson have decisively shaped the sound of Scandinavian jazz with their compositions.

This collection of 20 original compositions represents the pianist’s personal selection. These are not transcriptions, as it is often the case, but all the notes correspond to the musician’s original handwritten scores.

Lundgren writes in his foreword to the songbook: “It is important to me to give those who play my music as much space as possible to express themselves freely. For this very reason, my own recordings of these compositions often deviate from the original sheet music in terms of harmonies and melodies.”

All the sheet music is available as lead sheets for C instruments, allowing ensembles as well as solo artists to interpret Lundgren’s compositions in their own way. In addition to Lundgren’s personal selection of works, the music book contains a foreword in Swedish, German and English, a detailed biography in German and English and several portraits of the composer.

  1. Blekinge
  2. Blue Silence
  3. Dance Of Masja
  4. Farväl
  5. Leklåt
  6. Love In Return
  7. Love Land
  8. Lycking Resa
  9. Mare Nostrum
  10. Never Too Late
  11. No. 9
  12. On The Banks Of The Seine
  13. Open Your Mind
  14. Potsdamer Platz
  15. Ronneby
  16. The Magic Stroll
  17. The Poet
  18. The Seagull
  19. Years Ahead
  20. Song For Jörgen