Jan Lundgren/Rosario Giuliani/Luciano Biondini/Rhani Krija/Mattias Svensson ”Jazz Noir”

Drama, sentimental and romantic when Jan Lundgren meets, among others, two prolific Italian musicians. Jan Lundgren is among our foremost musicians. [Read more...]

Jan Lundgren/ Lars Jansson "Face to Face"

Two pianists, two grand pianos, face to face. Jan Lundgren meets Lars Jansson. Jan Lundgren is among our foremost musicians. Through around 50 albums [Read more...]

Jazz Poetry

Jan Lundgren & Hans Backenroth The Gallery Concerts II: Jazz Poetry ACT 9960-2 / CD / Digital “In every beginning magic dwells. […] Only [Read more...]

Into the Night

ACT 9932-2 2021 Recorded live in concert at Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival (August 1, 2020) The trio format has always been something of an ideal for Ja [Read more...]


Duo – it’s the most reduced way of making music together. At the same time it can open a whole musical world without borders. Two musician [Read more...]

Mare Nostrum

The old saying that ‘all good things come in threes’ might be a cliché with no particular logic to it, but as a way to describe the virtues of Mare No [Read more...]

Potsdamer Quartet

Pianist Jan Lundgren makes music like a brilliant architect. If he were to build a house, it would – in the words of the song – be a very very very fi [Read more...]

Tribute to Jan Johansson

Ystad: idyllic coastal town in Sweden, home to the “Wallander” TV series and enclave of superb jazz. Since 2010, the Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival has be [Read more...]

Jan Lundgren Trio

Jan Lundgren is a part of a long tradition of innovative Scandinavian pianists. Inspired by Folk Music tradition and jazz improvisation, he quickly im [Read more...]

Solo Piano

At age 46 Swedish pianist JAN LUNDGREN releases a solo album. After almost 40 CDs published under his own name, Jan finally felt ready to approach the [Read more...]

Jan Lundgren with choir

The exploration of new territory, and the avoidance of stifling conventions have always counted among Swedish pianist Jan Lundgren’s trademarks. [Read more...]