Jan Lundgren/Rosario Giuliani/Luciano Biondini/Rhani Krija/Mattias Svensson ”Jazz Noir”

Drama, sentimental and romantic when Jan Lundgren meets, among others, two prolific Italian musicians.

Jan Lundgren is among our foremost musicians. Through around 50 albums and numerous projects and collaborations, he has demonstrated his ability to embrace tradition while undergoing continuous renewal. Every year, Jan Lundgren presents three concerts under the collective name Kind of Jazz, featuring collaborations with guest artists and ensembles. Kind of Jazz 2024 is the sixth season of this subscription.

Jazz Noir – the title is in reference to 1940s and 50s film noir, a subgenre of crime dramas known for dark and high-contrast imagery. “The link is made to emphasise the sentimentality and drama combined with the darkness within the music,” says Jan Lundgren. “But only some of the music comes straight from the cinema – like with the theme from Chinatown. Mostly, we play new original compositions, and music from our respective home countries.”

In a brand new constellation, Jan Lundgren performs with prominent Italian jazz musicians Rosario Giuliani and Luciano Biondini. Saxophone player Rosario Giuliani works with elite names from the jazz world and has released numerous celebrated albums. Together with French colleague Richard Galliano, Biondini is undoubtedly one of the jazz world’s top accordion players. We also hear Mattias Svensson, bassist in Jan Lundgren’s trio, and Moroccan percussionist Rhani Krija, who is known for his work with Sting.

“It will be exciting – the only one I’ve performed with before is Mattias. Overall, this will be a melodic and emotional programme – where the Mediterranean meets a cool Swedish breeze.”